About Us

Founded in 1988, Ghaziabad, U.P. by Mr. Ajay Gupta and Mr. Vijay Gupta. The company entered the plastic molding business with its 1st customer Elin group. Currently we own 3 plants in Pune (Maharashtra), Ghaziabad (U.P.) and Rookree (Uttrakhand) and warehouses in Haryana and Uttrakhand.

All our decisions are taken with the Group’s customers in focus, since our success depends on their satisfaction. Before undertaking an action, we ask ourselves how this will produce added value for the customer and, ultimately, for Hari Om Udyog. By customers we mean both internal and external customers. With changing times and fluctuation of market, we have also evolved our focus, in broadening our horizon in terms of product range. Our company started off with manufacturing of pet bottles. At present, we have established ourselves in the business of manufacturing automotive components. We have also ventured into manufacturing of electrical components as well.

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Inspection Facility:

1.Profile Projector : 02
2.Video Measuring M/C : 01
3.Pin Gauge : 0.5 ~ 1mm , 1~3mm, 3~5mm, 5~7mm,7~9mm ,9~10mm.
4. Sleeve Gauge : 112
5. Vernier : 40
6. Height Gauge : 05
7. Micro Meter : 15
8. Surface Table : 03
9. Muffle Furnace : 01
10. Melt Flow Index Tester : 01

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